Quantum Break Review

Quantum Break, an action-adventure third person shooter game, developed by Finnish game developer, Remedy Entertainment (of Max Payne and Alan Wake fame) and published by Microsoft Studios, is the ground breaking video game we’ve all been waiting for. Announced at the Xbox One reveal event back in 2013, Microsoft’s long awaited exclusive video game is finally ready to make its mark as a revolutionary game changer in entertainment and is now available to play on Xbox One and Windows 10.

As its name suggests, Quantum Break portrays the events which occur when a time-travel experiment goes horribly awry, ushering in the break down of time as well as granting the two lead characters, Jack Joyce (the game’s protagonist, played by Shawn Ashmore) and Paul Serene (the game’s antagonist, played by Aiden Gillen), time based abilities.

Quantum Break: The Kotaku Review

Playing as Jack Joyce, players will experience time manipulation techniques and abilities that will see them through multiple challenges throughout the game. However, Quantum Break is far more than an average shooter, with several segments of gameplay involving solving environmental puzzles in order to progress.

Befitting Remedy’s expertise in meshing shoot em up gameplay with a thrilling story, as well as keeping up with today’s modern age of digital television, Quantum Break uniquely interconnects the video game with a live action TV show. Not only that, but players are also given the option to choose the path in which the story takes, which in turn will affect the gameplay and live action show and influence its narrative. This provides for seamless entertainment throughout multiple platforms for the enjoyment of gamers and non-gamers alike.

Quantum Break: The Kotaku Review

Having played Quantum Break, what I enjoyed most was being able to play and make decisions as both the protagonist and antagonist. Having that insight into Paul Serene, his thought processes and motivations, as well as making decisions for him, allowed for more understanding and realistic feel to the game’s narrative.

Unlike other story driven games that I’ve played in the past, Quantum Break inspired the idea of there being two sides to every story and thereby providing a more holistic view of the game as a whole. One aspect of the game that I really enjoyed was in the first junction point (just before Episode 1 of the live action show); I could choose whether Serene made a hardline choice or PR choice. The hardline option sees Serene instructing his Monarch Solutions minions to kill Amy Fererro, a witness to a Monarch operation, which would ignite hatred and distrust of Serene and his corporation. The PR option allows Amy to live, if she reads out a Monarch Solutions press release, which puts a target on Jack Joyce’s head.

Quantum Break: The Kotaku Review

The game itself is stunning. With clear and crisp graphics and visuals, Quantum Break felt ‘real’. Remedy Entertainment certainly made a good call in selecting the right actors to bring each character to life. My only gripe is that Shawn Ashmore’s actions in using his time abilities felt very reminiscent to that of his time playing Ice-Man in the X-Men films.

As a game, ushered in at the height of the digital age, Quantum Break is trail-blazing a path towards more interactive and interconnectivity between video games and television. Allowing players control over gameplay narrative and providing insight into both protagonist and antagonist perspectives, Quantum Break inspires, innovates and sets itself apart from a whole array of other action-adventure, shooter games out there. Well done, Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft. Not many shooter games have caught my fancy in the past. Here’s to many more in the near future.

Interested in a preview of the gameplay and my interview with Remedy Entertainment’s Head of Media? Check it out here.

Quantum Break releases first thing tomorrow, Tuesday, 5 April 2016. Pick up your copy, have a go and then let me know what you think on my Twitter page (@TheVanguardSite). Would love to hear your thoughts.






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