Wolverine’s Back in the latest X-Men: Apocalypse Teaser Trailer

What’s a Bryan Singer X-Men film without the iconic mutant, Wolverine? In the latest teaser trailer for the upcoming film, X-Men: Apocalypse, we catch a glimpse of what is obviously Wolverine’s adamantium claws amongst a whole heap of mutant epicness.

As a long-standing Cyclops and Jean Grey fan, I am pleased that these two characters from the original X-men comics are featured in X-Men: Apocalypse, however, I do have some reservations about the direction in which the films seem to be going.

Check out the trailer below along with my little rant on the direction the X-Men films are taking.

Wolverine is a notable character, but is he the only capable X-Man? Wolverine has been one of the most central characters in the X-Men franchise and has had his due in the past four X-men films, along with his own standalone films. Shouldn’t it be time for some other characters to be given a shot at the spotlight?

Similarly, Mystique seems to have gone from her traditional role beside Magneto as an enemy of the X-Men to one of the most prominent characters set to lead Charles Xavier’s band of merry mutant students. It’s shown in this latest trailer that Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique plays an integral role in teaching the young students of Xavier’s to use their gifts to fight. Where will this lead in terms of future X-Men films? Is screen time given only to those characters played by popular actors?

I hope the likes of Psylocke, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Angel and Nightcrawler get a good chance at developing themselves in X-Men: Apocalypse in order to become as important to the X-Men franchise as Wolverine and Mystique seem to be (next to Professor X and Magneto, of course).



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